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Gras All-Star Fruit Racing for PC

1598 ₹


  • PC Platform
  • Global Release Date July 13, 2018
  • Media type Key
  • Genre Action Car Simulators (Racing) Sports (sport)
  • 3DClouds Developer


Fruit DriveAll-Star Fruit Racing will take you into the exciting dynamic world of a real fruit race. 

Drift along dizzying turns, soar in deadly dives over bottomless abysses and independently plot a course on the tracks. 

In this game, you are the embodiment of courage and freedom. All-Star Fruit Racing is a racing game set in the fruit world. 

The race boasts a wide selection of game modes: Sprinter, Mountain Turns, Knockout Races, Time Trials, and modes with modifiers that completely change the rules of the game. 

At your disposal are 21 incredible tracks and five beautiful worlds: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Super Islands. Choose your favorite character and fight for victory in a series of championships. 

Combine speed and your own skills, knock down opponents' cars from the tracks with the help of stunning fruit tricks, compete with friends and players from all over the planet - participate in online races with the participation of 8 players! 

The game has 40,000 available combinations of parts for a racing car that will help create the perfect car. The rest is your imagination. Become the best of the best in all-Star Fruit Racing.

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